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The nurture group is a supportive space for moms* to gather during the postpartum period and share in community while practicing skills in mindfulness and inner-kindness. 

Led by doulas and mental health professionals trained and certified in pregnancy and postpartum mental health our ongoing group here to guide and support you as you navigate your motherhood journey. 

*Designed for moms who are up to 9 months postpartum.

nurtured moms™group

$25 drop-in fee

Meets once a month on Saturdays, 11:00 am - 12:15 pm CST

hey mama,

The world needs more moms like you -- We'd love to have you join the nurture group.

Are you ready to be a nurtured mom?

What will we be chatting about?

Topics covered include:

+ motherhood self-esteem and inner-kindness

+ nurturing a habit of self-care

+ accepting and understanding emotions 

+ understanding your inner critic


When is this happening?

Support and belonging for moms is happening Fridays 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. 


Where are we meeting?

Virtually for now. We’ll update when we are able to meet face to face again. A link will be sent via email with your confirmation.


Can I bring my baby?

Babies are always welcome. Some of our moms prefer not to bring baby and that is okay too. You know you best. Sometimes you may need a little time away from baby and sometimes it’s nice to have baby along.


Give us a call, 507-993-7731 or send an email to

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Two Doulas and a Counselor

saw a need. 


Our team has served 100's of women from conception to postpartum and in our work we saw the modern mother being left to navigate the transitional period alone.

Through continuing education, PMAD specific training and years of experience, our experts are equipped to guide you as we redesign motherhood.