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Nurture is Flourish’s home for all things pregnancy and postpartum mental health.

At nurture, we don’t “do” motherhood alone. We “do” motherhood together. Our team is deeply committed to making sure every mom is a nurtured mom.

On the couch, in a group, or on the mat, we are flipping the script and rewriting motherhood by making caring for our mental health the norm.


hey mama,

Welcome to nurture!

Support and belonging for moms during the pregnancy and postpartum period.

here's how we are
doing motherhood differently! 

Individual Counseling

We offer personalized one-on-one mental health guidance with a licensed mental professional trained in perinatal mental health care.


Nurtured Flow and Coffee

$12 drop-in fee

Meets two Saturday’s a month from 10:00 am - 11 am CST


Nurtured flow is a gentle 30-minute yoga class for moms during any stage of motherhood. Flows include breathwork, meditation, and nurturing yoga movements. After class, moms are invited to join us for 30 minutes of sharing in community, connection, and a warm cup of coffee. Our hope is you will leave this space feeling refreshed and strengthened on your motherhood journey. No prior yoga experience or equipment is required to participate in this class. Flows are supportive of pregnancy and postpartum bodies as well as bodies weathering the teenager stage of motherhood. Mat work is loss and infertility informed. Babies in arms up to 4 months are welcome to join us for class.

nurtured flow and coffee
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Build Your Village: Coffee Hour
FREE via Facebook Rooms

Led by MedCity Doulas on the third Tuesday of each month.


Peer-to-peer support group for parents.




Two Doulas and a Counselor

saw a need. 


Our team has served 100's of women from conception to postpartum and in our work we saw the modern mother being left to navigate the transitional period alone.

Through continuing education, PMAD specific training and years of experience, our experts are equipped to guide you as we redesign motherhood.

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