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Our Story

After miscarrying baby Loftus at 13-week gestation on Father’s Day 2007, Allison started H.O.P.E. ministry. H.O.P.E.’s mission was to encourage families who have experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth through the provision of a care package, notes of encouragement from families who have experienced loss through the first year of loss. While in operation the ministry served over 300 families in Olmsted County.


During this time, Allison began to realize women need more help then she could offer so she decided at the age of 35 years to get her Master’s in Counseling and Psychology. On her very first day of school she announced to her fellow classmates she was going to open a counseling center that focused on meeting the mental health needs of moms with a specialty in pregnancy and postpartum mental health.


After graduating from college, she opened Flourish with a few hundred dollars in her back pocket and a dream of helping moms. For the first 3 years, she worked 2-3 jobs to keep the business afloat. It was tough and she cried a lot. But the story of Flourish, just isn’t just a story of one woman with a dream who worked hard. It the story of many people.


Along her life journey, Allison had others in the community who at key moments came into her life and poured the love of their hearts into hers. When Allison struggled to see the value in herself, these women would remind her of her worthiness by delighting in her for just being her. And what did each of these people ask of Allison in return for their gifts?  Only that she would help another person along the way. 


And that is why Flourish is here. One person helping another person. Who in turn helps another person. Until all people believe deep down in the core of their being that they are and always have been lovable, worthy, and significant.


Our Manifesto

There is no better job in the world than supporting the authentic growth of a person as they journey towards an intimate understanding of their uniqueness in the world. 

We are all delightfully different and each person has their own genuine cultural expression that is true to their sense of self.

Starting where you are is a great place to start and our tears are the beginning of something amazing.

Our limitations are opportunities to encourage character and inspire confidence in each other.

Leading with kindness is the stepping-stone to building empathy and healing hearts.

Every person is lovable, worthy, and significant and their worth is not determined by their performance, appearance, or life story.

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