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motherhood redesigned

for the modern woman.

Burnout and overwhelm don't have to be part of your

motherhood story. Let's flip the script. 

Surround yourself with a community of support.


about the program

Designed by mental health professionals: 

simple steps to postpartum mind and body well-being.

NURTURE™is the evidence-based self-care program for moms designed to inspire confidence and foster mental and physical wellbeing. Our mission is to improve 4th trimester readiness by cultivating connection, developing a support network and encouraging healthy attachment. 

Depression is the most common complication of childbirth and is connected to less self-satisfaction. Planning a well-rounded self-care practice during your transition to motherhood and having a support network in place can lead to a more positive postpartum experience.

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two ways to participate

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nurture community™

free membership includes:

Monthly emails designed specifically for moms in the first year postpartum that will bring the NURTURE™ pillars to your inbox.

Exclusive invites with discounts for retail, classes, and events.

nurtured moms™group

$325 can be billed through insurance

Designed for moms who are

up to 9 months postpartum.

Meets for 6 weeks 

60 minutes on Fridays at

1:00 - 2:00 pm CST

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The world

needs more

moms like

your guides



Two Doulas and a Counselor

saw a need. 


Our team has served 100's of women from conception to postpartum and in our work we saw the modern mother being left to navigate the transitional period alone.

Through continuing education, PMAD specific training and years of experience, our experts are equipped to guide you as we redesign motherhood.

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