Flourish provides counseling

and support for women 

Flourish is committed to creating a safe, supportive, therapeutic environment where a client feels free to be herself. We believe every therapeutic relationship begins with fostering trust. From there we design evidence-based therapeutic interventions based on your individual goals and personality.


At Flourish we believe the most important component of therapy is you. This is your time, your goals, and your life to live. Our goal is to help you improve your well-being and develop a life in which you flourish.





Identity Dissociative Disorder

Grief and Loss


Eating and Weight Issues

Life Transitions

Relationship Counseling


Trauma and Abuse Recovery


Pregnancy Depression  Anxiety  Bi-Polar  OCD  PTSD

Postpartum Depression  Anxiety  Bi-Polar  OCD  PTSD

Pregnancy Loss Miscarriage  Stillbirth Infant Death


Traumatic labor experience

Baby Blues

Help for Dads / Partners

Transition to Motherhood