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Weekly classes 

Come flow with us!

We do things a little different around here.

Our classes are taught by trained yoga instructors who also happen to be therapists. Bringing you to supported personal growth through breath, movement, and community.

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About yoga+


4 Reasons to Flow With Us


Yoga Classes Designed For All Bodies 

Our yoga classes are overflowing with tools to deepen your mind body connection while cultivating inner-kindness and strengthening your appreciation of you.

*newbies welcome

*small class sizes

*pregnancy and postpartum friendly

*all yoga equipment is provided and set-up for you in advance as well as sanitized and put away after class.


Welcoming Space

Beautiful, inviting and filled with plants, our studio creates a yoga experience like no other.


Experienced Teachers

Our yoga teachers are all mental health professionals. Offering you a one of a kind mind body experience. 


Community Connection

Flow, sweat and bond with like minded people who delight in each other just for making it to our mats!

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